We are one of Japan's best equipped barrel polishing company and take our customers question:

No matter what barrel finishing work you've got. Take it to Nishimura Giken.

  • Can you polish precision parts ?
  • Is it possible to barrel finish this part ?
  • I'd like to get something polished our barrel finishing contractor at the moment can't do...

If you ask yourself the same or similar questions, contact us.

With our top-notch equipment and know-how we set new standards in quality and speed. For barrel polishing requests whose feasibility can't be decided immediately we will stand by your side as a partner until a solution is being found.

We have a wide polishing portfolio that reaches from metallic parts to raw material of accessories.

If you have any polishing difficulties, ask us for advice.
Our highly skilled technical staff will help you solving your problems.  +81 72-889-1005 AM9:00-PM5:00

Our staff has a passion for craftsmanship and will support you, no matter how difficult and challenging the request.

Since its foundation in 1981, Nishimura Giken has been challenging existing technical standards in the polishing field.
We have been investing heavily in equipment and personnel and our long experience will be your benefit.
We have the strong belief that it is our mission to not only improve ourselves in the barrel polishing sector but to go beyond "normal" and set new standards in the finishing industry.

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    Technical staff

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    Technical staff

Quality management system [ISO 9001 certified company]

We are working after the 3S system (Sorting, Straightening and Sweeping) and
train our staff towards highest possible efficiency.
To increase quality we constantly work with standards and implemented
a state-of the art traceability system.

ISO 9001 certified company